I want to make an assumption.

Today, I think most online brands focus on one thing more than  anything else. They have one goal in mind when they are promoting their product or service. If they say otherwise, I think their kidding themselves. What is that one thing brands want most?

The number one thing is focused on making the sale. It's the acquisition of a customer. Get the cash register to ring. Selling their product or service.

Don't get me wrong, that's perfectly fine and I agree. But what about that customer after they've purchased? Are brands spending as much time after the sale compared to actually getting the sale? Think about your customer experience after you purchased something and I bet you haven't heard from them after the fact.

As brands, let us stop thinking short term and start considering the long-term.

Get personal with your customers after the sale

We've put together 3 of our favorite follow-ups to ask your customers after they've purchased from you. It's important to understand what this does for your customer base.

  • It creates a "human" element to your brand. Customers can relate to you because of the interaction. You're no longer just a logo, you're a person like them.
  • You can gain feedback and ideas on how to improve your product or service.
  • Remind them, later on, to come back to buy from you again.

Make sense? Ok, let's give you our 3 follow up emails to give you some inspiration.

1. Shoot them a personal note.

"Hi! I'm John, founder of ABC Apparel". Take a second to learn about your customer, tell them thanks and create a real connection with your customer. Human to human. It will pay dividends in the long term.

2. How are you enjoying the product?

The amount of value you can get from your customers in terms of feedback is sky high. Your customers are using and experiencing your product or service at first hand. Collecting this valuable feedback can change the course of the product, your brand or the direction of your company entirely.

3. Give them a discount for your loyalty.

No, don't just shoot them a random coupon code. Take the time to learn about what they purchased, how long ago and personalize the discount or reward based on where they're at currently.

Automate all of this and more with Weav

Currently, Weav is in BETA and you can automate all of these tips we've outlined. Weav is changing the way customer experience happens with brands and their customers. We're helping you build lasting relationships with your customers.