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Why Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Is the Most Important SaaS Metric


There are exactly three things that can destroy your SaaS business: bad product, big expenses, and unhappy customers. And not in that right order. When you do business, you notice that these three factors are even more connected than any of us think. But even though expenses mean your money is leaking out of your company, and a bad product means that it doesn’t have a high market value, it’s the...

Free Trial vs Freemium: Breaking down the Pros & Cons


Free trial works. Freemium works too. But what model is better? The answer is… it depends. Depending on your go to market strategy, many SaaS companies are fighting the constant battle of trying to convert free customers to paid.   The problem of customers canceling subscriptions or not converting is a growing one today, as there’s more competition than ever before. In addition, customers...