How to Convert Your Customers from Free to Paid.


Do you remember the first time you acquired a customer for your SaaS business? And do you remember when one of those first customers left, giving you a brief introduction to churn (cancellation of recurring subscription)? Reducing the churn is the dream, really, but customers are fickle creatures. Maybe you’ve even tried giving them a free trial in hopes of your churn rate decreasing. However...

Free Trial vs Freemium: Breaking down the Pros & Cons


Free trial works. Freemium works too. But what model is better? The answer is… it depends. Depending on your go to market strategy, many SaaS companies are fighting the constant battle of trying to convert free customers to paid.   The problem of customers canceling subscriptions or not converting is a growing one today, as there’s more competition than ever before. In addition, customers...

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Terms You Should Know


We thought it would be fun and interesting to create a post that could be used as a larger SaaS glossary. It will be a continuous effort as we’ll continually be adding SaaS terms to it. In addition to just naming buzzwords, we’ll provide some perspective for each term and any further resources we’d recommend as well. Definitely stash this away in your bookmarks. Similar to the...