Surprise! We’re still here. Quietly working away, obviously 😉

It’s been a busy few months since we last posted but we’re happy to report we’ve accomplished exactly what we set out to do with our initial beta release. In the meantime, a lot has changed (hopefully for the better) and we’re eager to wrap things up for our public launch. Not to get too ahead of ourselves, as we’re a bit away from public launch, but because of our private beta, we’re feeling pretty confident about our feedback and direction.

Quick BETA Update

With over 300+ private beta access requests, we selected specific customers for early access. We worked exclusively with each to understand how our product was working for them and if we were on the right path. Lots of phone calls, meetings, and back and forths to truly understand their pain points and the value they were getting from the product itself.

First Paying Customers

While working with our BETA customers, we hit the first major milestone for Weav which was snagging our first paying customer. High five team! All in all, all of our beta customers were finding value in our product in various ways. Additionally, we were getting feedback and direction that uncovered another path we didn’t consider when we initially set out to build Weav. Along with our first paying customer, we were well on our way with the next batch of paying customers.

And then…

We decided to pivot.

The Pivot

Sure, you’re thinking why would you pivot when you had your BETA product launched, paying customers, getting real customer feedback, etc.

Trust us, when we made the calls to let our customers know we would be going in a different direction and not supporting our existing product we were shocked to hear the disappointment. We weren’t expecting our BETA customers to be genuinely bummed we headed in another direction. Honestly, it was an incredibly hard decision to make.

After going through all the feedback, looking at the existing market and taking our guess at where we see the world going we felt like something wasn’t quite right.

We were searching for our stake in the ground. What was Weav in 5 words or less? How we Weav different than anything else? Why were we building this?

Finding our Vision

We wanted to have a clear identity for Weav. We worked on establishing the company and product values to help us decide what we were trying to do for the market we were entering. As we worked to develop North Star, we all felt like this is the new direction we needed to head down. From there, we reverse engineered how we’ll get there and also decided upon a smaller starting point to avoid biting off more than we could chew.

We can’t spill all the beans on where we’re headed just yet but we can say this strategy allows us to execute on our larger vision in small increments. It helps us avoid building a product for months and months before it gets into real customers hands. We promise as we get closer to launch, you’ll start to see the direction we’re headed more clearly.

In addition to our direction, it was very important to us that as we entered the market we have a clear differentiator as well. We’re not talking about just a “why choose Weav” over another solution.


We wanted to make sure we would deliver something that’s truly unique that solves a massive problem. On top of that, it’s a problem we’ve experienced ourselves and feel like in the future this will give brands the ability to differentiate themselves as well. In the end, we feel confident that we’re headed down the right path.

We feel like we’ve found a space where not only is the timing is perfect but it also aligns perfectly with our “why”. There’s nothing better than having a team that’s aligned on a vision.

What’s Next?

From a product design perspective, we’re taking the best of our first BETA run and bringing in all the new elements of our strategy and vision. Even as an MVP/V1, it’s better than anything we had previously. It’s safe to say we’re pretty proud of what we’re going to launch with.

From an engineering perspective, we’re leveraging all of the code, AI, and early learnings to build something pretty exciting for the world we see in the future. There’s some new functionality we want to build now to make sure we lay the proper foundation to keep us on the path towards our North Star.

In the meantime, it’s a good reminder for us to not get too caught up in building that we’re not also blogging. Until then, we’ll be burning the midnight oil to get Weav into the hands of real customers.