Well, this is either going to be really fun or a complete disaster. Either way, we'll have documented the entire process of making our brand and product, Weav. It'll be fun they say.

We're naming the new series on our blog as — #makingweav. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this series, let's first introduce you to Weav.

Weav was born from trying to solve our problem

The idea of Weav was born from years of experience dealing with millions of customers building our own e-commerce and marketplace business. Back when we launched the tools we have available today didn't exist and as much good as they have delivered to streamline businesses, they've also created a disconnect with brands and their customers.

On average, most businesses online are managing their ecommerce store, customer support system, CRM, email marketing, social accounts, blog, shipping, fulfillment, sales team, refund process, etc.

The list goes on.

The problem, like I said, it's all disconnected. As a brand, you have no idea how your customers are connected, their relationship to you and you'll definitely struggle to know your last interaction with them.

The solution to a disconnected customer experience

Weav at its core is about surfacing the relationship you have with your customers. Whether they're new, loyal and stale customers — we want to help brands get more personal and human with their customers.

As we continue to burn the midnight oil, we're excited to finally unveil a new, revolutionary way to think about your customers.

Weav—Build lasting relationships with your customers.

Stay tuned.