3 follow-ups to ask your customers after purchasing


I want to make an assumption. Today, I think most online brands focus on one thing more than anything else. They have one goal in mind when they are promoting their product or service. If they say otherwise, I think their kidding themselves. What is that one thing brands want most? The number one thing is focused on making the sale. It’s the acquisition of a customer. Get the cash register...

Making customer experience better. #makingweav001


Well, this is either going to be really fun or a complete disaster. Either way, we’ll have documented the entire process of making our brand and product, Weav. It’ll be fun they say. We’re naming the new series on our blog as — #makingweav. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this series, let’s first introduce you to Weav. Weav was born from trying to solve our problem...

Welcome to Weav


Weav for us is a project we’re truly excited about. For starters, it’s scratching our own itch. Which, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to build a product. Secondly, we’re building it the right way by letting our customers drive our roadmap. Lastly, we’ll be focused on providing something valuable for our customers and being profitable. It’s that simple. ...