Free Trial vs Freemium: Breaking down the Pros & Cons


Free trial works. Freemium works too. But what model is better? The answer is… it depends. Depending on your go to market strategy, many SaaS companies are fighting the constant battle of trying to convert free customers to paid.   The problem of customers canceling subscriptions or not converting is a growing one today, as there’s more competition than ever before. In addition, customers...

Churn rate is a symptom of something bigger. And it’s not what you think.


We’ve talked about SaaS churn, how to calculate churn, and more to drive home how important it is to properly understand churn. Not only understand it at a high level but also at a detailed level. There’s a ton of things to worry about when building a subscription company but you can only put off a high churn rate for so long. As much as SaaS (Software as a Service) founders, startups...

SaaS Churn for Beginners — The ugly part of SaaS


Let’s talk about SaaS churn. We get it, SaaS is sexy but what about the ugly part of SaaS? Churn. Today we’re going to deep dive into all things as it relates to SaaS churn. We see it often where founders, startups, organizations etc. are quite ‘lax’ with how they calculate their metrics. Especially churn. The problem is if you’re off even by a little bit, SaaS churn...