7 Brands that Understand Customer Experience & Lead By Example.


Customer experience is more than a fast response time. We can’t count all the times when companies were so closed off that the only reason to call them was fixing an issue. There was no personality, and there was no experience. There are just the product and not much else that would make us feel like we’re a part of something bigger. Fortunately, a lot of SaaS companies today have pivoted. They...

Successful Companies Compete on Experience, not Price


When it comes to retention tactics, SaaS companies, in particular, need to pay attention to their strategy. The turnover rate, or “churn” as it is sometimes referred to, is high among SaaS startups and companies. This is often because of issues with broken products, lack of customer service support, and fierce market competition. However, another reason why many SaaS companies are...

Emotional Intelligence: How brands can use EQ to deliver the best customer experience.


Having an excellent product or service is not enough to drive sales nowadays. Consumers don’t just buy a product. They want to have a great experience before, during and after the sale process. It requires a lot of attention to detail from brands to get it all right. This is why Customer Experience (CX) is a key factor for the growth and sustenance of many businesses. Customer experience is...