With a name like “Weav“, it’s meant to convey how we’re bringing together all of the various touch points of a customers experience. Additionally, think about all the apps you use to run a business and how disconnected they are. We’re trying to help them all flow together and apart in harmony.

Very similar to how tentacles floating in water would look. 😉

So with that mind, we set off to go find some inspiration on Dribbble for our new mascot. An octopus seemed cool, so we typed that in and searched Dribbble.

Much to our surprise, the very first result was a real “squiddly diddly” if you will.

We quickly realized it’s designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy, one of the most popular designers on Dribbble.

Right at that moment, we hit one of those “oh shit” moments.

We’ve just stumbled across EXACTLY what we were looking for only to realize it’s designed by Eddie himself.

Needless to say, we were a bit intimidated to reach out and chat with him.

Hi Eddie! We don’t need a new Octopus, we want THAT Octopus. 😁

After we initially reached out, Eddie couldn’t have been easier to work with. In fact, he made the entire process so painless. His only question was wanting to know where this friendly octopus would end up.

It’s a fair question.

After a bit of back and forth, we were all set and had all the details buttoned up. Before we knew it, the Octopus was officially part of Weav!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we ended up naming our mascot, Ollie, the Octopus.

It’s funny how sometimes things just seem to “click”. The process of nailing down the mascot was just that. Thanks Eddie!