When we first started building Weav we wanted to share the journey of building the product from the ground up. If you’ve followed along with our series of #makingweav so far we’ve talked about why we’re doing this, how we hired the top designer on Dribbble to design our logo and why the name Weav.

We couldn’t be more excited about how fast we've been able to move as a team and what we’ve been able to showcase to our early access users.

A quick look at v0.1 of Weav

As a quick refresher, we’re on a mission to help brands treat their customers on an individual level — based on who they are and your relationship together. More importantly, Weav suggests the best actions to take with each of them.

A few weeks ago we gave an update on Weav to our fellow Product Hunt subscribers. The feedback so far has been amazing and we’re excited to be opening a private BETA soon.

Want Early Access?

Currently, we have a very limited number of folks using and testing the product (ship, ship, ship). We’re looking to expand beta access very soon.

👉 Get Early access — If you’re interested in getting access now and helping us make Weav great, please fill out this form to get Weav’n.

Thanks again for following along our journey. Stay tuned with our blog for more details on our progress as we work towards our public launch!


The Weav Team 👊