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Weav for us is a project we’re truly excited about.

For starters, it’s scratching our own itch. Which, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to build a product. Secondly, we’re building it the right way by letting our customers drive our roadmap. Lastly, we’ll be focused on providing something valuable for our customers and being profitable. It’s that simple.  We’re currently burning our midnight oil to get Weav launched.

What is Weav?

It’s a new product born out of the problem we’ve all faced for years.

Finding empathy and understanding your customers and more importantly, knowing what to do next.

Follow along as we share insights into building our product from scratch and make our big debut to the world. We feel like Weav is unlike most products out there and we’re on a mission to flatten the world and help the small businesses that fuel our economy.

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Weav Team

Hi, I'm Ollie! I spend my days dreaming about how I can help brands become more human with their customers. When I'm not doing that, I like to see how long I can hold my breath and brag about how I have 3 hearts (it's true).

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