For starters, who doesn’t love a 4 letter name?

It’s short, concise and unique.

On top of that, it sums up perfectly what we’ve set out to build. We wanted to create a solution for the pain of dissecting so many apps and tools to manage your business and customers. As you grow, the list of tools required grows. It becomes redundant and doesn’t scale very well.

  • Ecommerce store? ✓
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.? ✓
  • Email marketing tool? ✓
  • Support ticketing system? ✓
  • Live chat? ✓
  • Referral program? ✓
  • 10+ Plugins for your Store? ✓
  • Affiliate Program? ✓

You get the point. There’s a lot of tools required and the list just keeps going.

My point is, not only does it require these tools but you can’t easily understand how your customers are “Weav’d” together in those apps and tools. How are you connected to those customers? How’s your relationship with those customers?

Weav is born from our own problems

More importantly, Weav comes from our own problems. With Weav, you gain access to modern marketing best practices and a team with years of hard-won experience running e-commerce stores to millions of customers.

The product we’ve created gives you an advantage over even the most popular e-commerce stores. The insights will be invaluable but more importantly, we’ve packed in so many tried and true tactics we’ve found that work wonders with customers.

With the power of so many tools, the details become blurry

As you continue to use Weav, more insights we’ll continue to “bubble up” for you. On top of that, Weav gets smarter the longer you use it. The product becomes more targeted with its recommendations on what to focus on next, why to focus on it and last but not least, the right tool to use.

Bottom line? Weav you gives you superpowers to grow your business — by allowing you to treat every customer as an individual, based on who they are and your relationship with them.