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Weav integrations will include Shopify, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Intercom, Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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InsightsAudienceActionsWe noticed you have not set a threshold for your influential customers.Yesterday, you had 12 buyers make another purchase on your store.Only 16% of your purchases for the last week are for more than 1 item.Ideas to raise your average orderSurvey this group of buyersLast month 30% of your 327 new Instagram followers made a purchase!Act on your Weav InsightsThis weekLAST RESPONSE18CURIOUS26BUYERS10CUSTOMERS5FANS8PROMOTERSKeep Your Audience EngagedView 12 month historyTo Keep Getting BetterDo ThisInsightsAudienceActionsNAMELIFETIME SALESRELATIONLAST INTERACTIONNETWORKSJenn Reynolds$634.32BuyerToday, PurchaseKathleen Hoff$1019.46Buyer2 days, PurchaseBrian Williams$224.12Buyer1 day, PurchaseNathan Haft$1412.67BuyerToday, PurchaseAsk for ReviewThank You CouponRefer a FriendPersonal NoteTake Action12PROMOTERSBUYERS526CUSTOMERS319FANS56CURIOUS204ALL1,117Total Spent $104 AvgStore Conversions 1.3%Subscribed 39%Follow 34%Support touches 3.2 AvgKeyword filtersLast 12 monthsRoutine BuyersInsightsAudienceActions91 wJenn ReynoldsBuyerToday ยท Purchasepets, fashion, designSocial ActivityPRODUCT PROMOTIONWho is Jenn?Female 30 - 25 yrs San Diego, CA jennreyn.com pinterest.com/jennreynPENDING AUTOMATIC ACTIONSin 3 daysCustom Couponin 27 daysThank You BundleRECOMMENDED ACTIONSSend Personal NoteAsk for 1:1 FeedbackSend SwagSocial CalloutView full history05-20-2017ShoppingPurchaseShopify3 items, $211.71 sale2016NOVDECJANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJUL2017CURIOUSBUYERSocialShoppingHelpPromotionLast interaction 2 days ago, PurchaseJenn ReynoldsBuyerTotal spent $211.71Conversion 19.11%Support touches 1ConnectionsYOUR RELATIONSHIP WITHHi {first_name}, I wanted to send a personal thank you for becoming a customer of Big Apparel. It means more than you may know. I take pride in making certain we're doing right by our customers before, during, and after they do business with Big Apparel. If you ever have any questions or needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll do whatever we can to help. Derrick Big Apparel CEONew CustomerDuplicate32% responseSubject: A BIG Thank YouSend to:Jenn ReynoldsSend Personal NoteGain loyalists, not customers. Take time to send a thank you or special note to those influencial customers.What is a personalized note?Believe it or not, some of your customers are very influential online and for you business. Taking time out of your day to say a simple "Thank You" can go a long way and open doors you never knew existed.But what do I say?Take time to dig a little into the person. Find out what they like, what they purchased and include that into the note. It's sort like when your mom told you how handsome you looked when you cut a mullet in 6th grade. The ROI is off the charts.When should I send it?The sooner the better. If you can get this into their hands while your brand is fresh in their minds it's the perfect time to spark a conversation. Gain loyalists, not customers.36 times Response rate 74% (27)InsightsAudienceActions